How to Integrate NG WHOIS Server and .NG TLDs Lookup in WHMCS

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Dec 21, 2023

WHMCS offers extensive domain registration capabilities, it doesn’t natively support .NG domains and other select extensions. However, with a few quick adjustments, you can empower your customers to register these domains directly through your WHMCS platform. This guide outlines the steps involved in integrating the NG WHOIS server and enabling NG TLD lookups.

What are WHOIS Servers? : WHOIS Servers are used to determine the availability of domains. In most cases, WHOIS servers will also return the WHOIS Contact Information for a domain. WHMCS supports a large number of TLDs by default. However, if you wish to sell a domain extension not offered by default, you will need to add the WHOIS Server for it.

Customization for Unsupported TLDs

WHMCS supports a vast array of TLDs by default. To offer extensions not included in this default list, you’ll need to manually add the corresponding WHOIS servers. The WHOIS Server definitions shipped with WHMCS by default can be found in /resources/domains/dist.whois.json. This file should not be edited.

NOTE: Prior to WHMCS 7.0, this file was located at /includes/whoisservers.php in a different format

Create a Custom whois.json File

  1. Open your Cpanel file manager locate the file at /resources/domains/whois.json within your WHMCS directory.
  2. If it doesn’t exist, create it.

Define Custom WHOIS Servers

Within this file, specify the WHOIS servers you wish to add or modify using the following structure:

"extensions": ".ng,,,,,,,,,",
"uri": "socket://",
"available": "No Object Found"

Key Elements

A WHOIS Server definition is made up of three parts.

extensions: A list of domain extensions associated with the WHOIS server.
uri: The server’s address, using either “socket://” for WHOIS-based servers or “http://” or “https://” for web-based requests. Optionally, specify a port using “:port”.
available: The string that indicates domain availability in the WHOIS server’s output.

Preservation Through Updates

This custom whois.json file will remain intact during WHMCS updates, ensuring your configurations persist.

Expand Your Domain Registration Services Today

By following these straightforward steps, you can seamlessly integrate NG WHOIS servers and TLD lookups into your WHMCS platform. This empowers you to offer .NG domains and other unsupported extensions, broadening your service offerings and catering to a wider range of customers.

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